Oriental love of luxury jewelry to show the Chinese freehand design

Oriental love of luxury jewelry to show the Chinese freehand design
louis vuitton outletThe bright flowers are a traditional theme in Chinese painting, the same often learn the fine jewelry, unique Chinese painting of peonies and lotus, is a successful symbol of good in the traditional Chinese culture, Léon Hatot Peony necklace to draw meticulous peony painting imitation of naturalistic painting techniques, is described in detail to every contour of complicated soft petals, his best work fine with platinum inlay diamond, sapphire, pink sapphire, artless petal layers, blooming Golden Age of the prosperous and rich and beautiful. Anna Hu's red charge necklace significantly by Zhang Daqian masterpiece "charge" to the concentration of pink diamonds, white and silver gray diamonds, emeralds, Sha Fulai stone, ruby titanium inlaid pink a variety of rare and precious stones, are like the beauties of Zhang Daqian 's impressionistic, elegant elegant, Zoran noble.Graff Scroll series jewelry, inspired by Chinese scroll, the cyclotron lines makes the front surface of the fair lady, the night when he was studying the scrolls started slowly Huanpei tinkle, literati bookish magnificent diamond, ruby, sapphire, and grandmother looming in the green. Picture of aging will eventually yellowed dry, but this is between pure sparkling gem, not only freeze the lines of the picture, there is a longing for the East and fascination. Since 1978, set foot on land in Hong Kong has more than 30 years, Baer and his wife in the profound traditional culture of the East looking for jewelry inspired Chinese Ink series of jewelry people playing the stroke, and walk to the heart. Rough and impressionistic texture "the Yunshan Figure" like the Northern Song Mi Youren, the ink smudges on the Vision of Health open near water, mountains, if not a Chinese painting ink strokes struck a chord of Peter Baer, how will Mexican Green mosaic? platinum border lay the meantime, the texture of Mexican Green dream-like expanded scroll, scroll freehand cut such a unique way, like Qingyun haunted peaks, trees, leaving only a trance silhouette in thin mist whispers.
louis vuitton outletsLan jewelry brooch more typical interpretation of the form and spirit of Chinese ink painting, not the interpretation of the Yin and use a brush and rice paper, but rather from the nail set and claw set process black and white diamond patchwork arrangement of the end of the precious metal care of by the black gold and platinum, wound staggered, alternating as the five elements in Oriental philosophy, virtual and real. Chinese ink painting is quiet, peaceful, and round to the most vivid interpretation of this jewelry. Chinese jewelry brand in terms of classical painting and traditional elements of the profound absolutely perfect reference object, even the square Chinese characters can be an artist to create for the incomparable work of art.The charm of the East Asia Jewelry Design Invitational Exhibition 2008, TTF fully to the world stage to show the cultural treasures of the Orient. TTF invited the Central Academy of Fine Arts Associate Dean, renowned artist Xu Bing to participate in the design, this series of jewelry works of Chinese characters, and even turned into a pendant, to reproduce the culture of instant relief. Xu Bing's sincere reflections of activities to become the very essence of eye-dotting ceremony: "I am not an expert on the industry, but art has a high degree of inclusiveness and commonality, jewelry, psychological and inner artistic needs of the wearer to achieve a resonance designers interpretation of this language, the process to complete the fit is very interesting. "Loaded sector in the mix and match the visual impact amazing imagination of the jewelry industry mix and match cross-border trend is even more designers to open the world of the infinitely vast, Chinese jewelry brand will not mind lagging behind Europe and the United States big, they broke The inspiration for cross-border attempts, painter and heritage of Chinese culture, has become the brand most happy is the most adept in the form of. Jewelry and paintings, a three-dimensional, a plane, but in a perfect fusion of fierce collision, also the art of "mashups" onto a whole new level.
louis vuitton onlineThe combination of jewelry and painting is not only reflected in the absorption of classical culture, the more bold fusion of modern and contemporary art. In 2011, Lan, jewelery and painter Yang Ying teamed up to launch a series of "sea of clouds and sky jewelery. Contemporary painter who likes the image of women dancing on a cloud Flowers, the woman in this time the opportunity to paintings, with the luster of mother of pearl, gentle and diamonds to the jewelry in the form of three-dimensional rendering, elegant lines with scattered fall shaped decorative painter Yang Ying to find a duck to water creative passion, from the drawings to the kind, after a jewelry professional, polished, inlaid, forging layers of processes impressionistic and elegant facial jewelry. Of course, traditional ink, or contemporary art history of Chinese painting of wonderful times, but in fact, full of cultural flavor of Chinese calligraphy and painting circles childlike easy strokes. Hong Kong comic circles wonderful "Dotty 13" Miss Li Huizhen comic creation in 1966, and a bold combination of fashion and social themes, Just Gold Just Diamond, according to this comic launch of "Dotty" series of jewelry, all of a sudden hit the fashion Momen the colorful bracelet, Charm pendant, the painter's brush "paper fashion library vividly demonstrated in front of people, more jewelry-loving person with a new mix of options.

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