lv's reflection of design

lv's reflection of design
louis vuitton outlet storesIn 1997, only 34-year-old New York designer MarcJacobs as the lv Group Design Director. MarcJacobs to create a fashion line for lv brand has injected new vitality.In 2003, MarcJacobs with the new Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and decision to launch a new work, pure and lovely Taitouwawa colors of spend patterns, boldly challenged lv classic Monogram pattern, and let the tender temptation sometimes swept the world.Design innovation continue to emerge, Louis Vuitton always shine on the top luxury almost every product to convey a strong historical flavor, as it launched the Trianon canvas series, the launch of the 1858 Workshop only trunk for the prototype marked with strips of wood along the trunk surrounded with rivets simple clean canvas colors of body bags, leather along pocket edge trim or do steam cutting splicing, ideal for rest days and short-term tolerance.Walk through the gallery in the lv Paris flagship store, people will find artists JAMES lighting sculptures, as well as the Danish conceptual artist OLAFUR designed specifically for lv works, reveals the endless charm of the art. You can even lv flagship store as the Museum of Art. lv is in the pursuit of such an effect, lv store every day to attract more than 3,000 people come to visit. For this reason, lv almost meet the luxury experience for every consumer.Brand Louis Vuitton and they like to have four-digit handbags LVMH's profits soared, the brand will they return!
louis vuitton outlets storesWow! Very cool news, a splendid day for young visual talent, today announced that they will Group sponsored Central Shengmadingsi!, Or, as they have it - LVMH Hennessy-Louis Vuitton, among the world's top luxury goods group. very pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term strategic cooperation and central Shengmadingsi, the most prestigious art and design (CSM) institutions, building on their common interests and values in the training of innovative talents who will define the future of art design and performance.Personal brand, such as Louis Vuitton has sponsored artists like the boundaries of Emin (remember last season of her retrospective exhibition at the Hayward Gallery?) Or Perry Grayson fine artists or co-production of their common work of art, designer handbags, such as Haruki Murakami, or Stephen Sprouse. Now, they want more money in this way contribute to the arts, like art institutions, the continued success of so many talented designers, to make contributions for their top fashion brands. For example, Phoebe's interpretation, in order to achieve the creative director of Serena (BA fashion, 1996), Tisci Ricardo, creative director of Givenchy (BA fashion, 1999), and Jinqiong Si (Ma menswear under , 2001), the style director of men's haute couture Louis Vuitton. (Together with John he left Galliano Dior), that is, no mention of alumni talent cultivation work is more subtle in the entire design team.
louis vuitton outlet19 century, LV luggage's pet of the nobility at that time, even if you have that amount of money can not buy LV bag, because it is a symbol of royalty, unless you are nobility or the families of the general at that time, otherwise The money can not buy that is LV bags, this bag is obvious that distinguished into degrees.Because of this, LV bag to become a symbol of status, glory and money. When you take this bag to travel, people will respect you because you are a royal human. Like the Chinese sentence "This is the Imperial supplies, other people will be killed."The LV bag is also a symbol of identity, status, money. But now have the right people but reluctant to use because it is a luxury for politicians shunned. But the rich but then the brand in droves, because in order to highlight the status.It was often said that a hundred years of history have passed, to say what stand the LV bags must be in this range. Friends LV bag has a 9-year history, in addition to the color of the leather a little bit dull, all the original look, now you can use the LV bags, however, this package back out, seemed master grade, refined taste. Of course, there are more long-standing LV bag in LV headquarters there is a lot, as a historical collection of collections, wanted the price is quite amazing.

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